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is tara. be aware of that as you are traveling the span may be take it a little more slowly and san mateo bridge, traffic is flowing well in both directions and here is a look at san francisco, 101, no problems to report, 4:29 let's head back to the desk. an early morning flood led to -- early morning fire throat a discovery. >> reporter: let me show you what is behind me you can see the fire trucks in front of the house and they are wrapping up making sure everything is out and done before they leave the scene and they should be here for another half hour or so. they got called to the house this morning and i want to show you video because it is when they went inside when they made
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that discovery. he lives there with his mother, firefighters tell me and they called in firefighters. moderate smoke is coming from inside that garage and appeared to be coming from a lot of area when they went inside. they found a 6 by 8 small area and it is a legal grow that they had -- the legal rules and regulations followed by -- followed to have this small marijuana grow inside the house. it took firefighters 35 minutes to get the fire out. it is out now and there are some holes in the roof so that people living inside will not be able to go inside and they will not be able to go inside for days. police have come and gone for this marijuana investigation and once again determining it was a legal marijuana grow and firefighters will be on the scene for a short time and they will continuing wrap it up
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before they leave live in san jose, claudine wong. flash grenades ended a standoff with a wanted man in san francisco. glass rained down at a home in the heights. the stand governor involved a -- standoff involved a suspect during a chase yesterday afternoon. they lost track of the man until somebody called police hours later. >> at 8:30 p.m. we received an anonymous tip that the suspect was on appleton street. >> the standoff began late and police believe he has ties to have san francisco gangs.
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san francisco department works stock piled 6,000 sandbags for distribution through the weekend. they are encouraging people not to wait until the last minute. >> we are giving out sandbags and we are eastern currenting people not to -- encouraging people not to wait for the last minute. we would like people to come in and be prepared. >> sandbags can be picked up and proof of residency is required. there is a limit of so bags per household. forecasters warn there could be flooding in small creaks. they will have heavy stationery at napa creek. >> we will have it stationed here during the high water to make sure any debris that a coupe late is cleared and the
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water can continue to flow into the soul vert. >> -- culvert. >> that flooding stage is at 9 feet. and the culvert is three feet. other flights were delayed up to three hours and if you are traveling out of fso it is certainly best to call your website before heading to the airport. stay with us on ktvu channel 2 morning news for up to the minute coverage for the next round of heavy rain. we will be here four for your neck mobile device. family members have the mental capacity of a 6-year- old. cheyenne white left her group home and walked to the bart station. they spotted her talking to 6
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men before losing track of her. she is described as 5-foot 4 and is 140 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. if you have any information call oakland police. they are investigating a man shot to death inside a car after 8:00 last night. they went there after hearing gunshots. so far no arrests have been made. apple now has a deal with a developer on stevens creek boulevard. they reported the existing buildings at that location will be demolished and replaced. they are not saying if it will be a permanent facility or something else. winning tickets were sold
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in missouri and arizona. california didn't have a chance. we don't have power here but you will have a chance at 5:45. they tried avoiding the fiscal cliff. they are meeting to discuss how to avoid a series of increases are ready to begin in january. he will do whatever it takes to get this done. meanwhile he will have lunch with his former mitt romney. the president would like to discuss mitt romney's ideas for making government efficient. it seems we have a bit of a break but tara is in for sal and fortunately there is an accident in -- unfortunately there is an accident in napa.
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yes, we also have an accident in the east bay to show you and this is in oakland and 880 northbound, we have a car that is blocking, somebody stalled and somebody else came along so it is a hit-and-run and we will keep an eye on that for you. you can see the traffic is flowing nicely and we have a hi wind in effect and traffic is flowing well in both directions on 280. we are getting a little bit of a break here, we still have very light showers, a little midst to the north, but the front is up here and it is going to move a little slower this time and late tonight into friday, so we have a couple more systems to go. this is a day where you can get a break but in this series, we will take it into sunday and
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next week look likes a much calmer pattern and by monday we will be on the dry side of all of this, 58 in hood wood and it will be a -- haywood and for us it is just a mild shower pattern and some is towards mendocino and towards lake county things are not that bad. but the overall trend is for it to start working towards us late tonight and tomorrow. it is cloudy to mostly cloudy and windy and mild. upper 60s here. san carlos, upper 50s from santa rosa north. saturday morning and rain returns sunday and monday we
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start to calm things down. well we could find out as soon as tomorrow if things could become legal for potential couples who want to tie the knot. highway northwest bound towards the caldecott tunnel, we will have more on traffic coming up. w
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. welcome back, question know whether same sex marriage will be legal in california and in san francisco city hall,
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preparations are being made. tomorrow the supreme court will meet and decide if they will hear an appeal for the voter approved ban on same sex in california. in the court tee sides not to take on the case, same sex marriage would be legal within a week or so. >> we already have an infrastructure to expedite marriage licenses and they are excited about whether this should occur. if the supreme court tee sides to take the case, that would delay a ruling until next june. an online donation site has been set up for two sisters killed on black friday. the girls died when their family's suv ran into a parked cruiser in palo alto. two other sisters and their parents were injured. they want to raise $10,000 part
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of which will go towards an engraved memorial and the rest will go to members of the family. there are still questions raised about the brutal killing of two teenage girls. they were best friends. the two were gunned down 6:00 sunday morning. both girls were shot multiple times. >> i think justice is going to be served and i am not going to rest until it is. >> that is the father of one of the girls and police have not released any information about a motive for the killing. police and s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded the house. 65-year-old corey was evicted and when an animal control
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officer arrived to remove pets, he was shot and killed. another officer was grazed by gunfire. they have spoken with corey and recently fired something into the home. he was denied parole and will remain in prison. he is one of three men convicted of kidnapping children in a bus. three military men and their wives are filing a lawsuit over the train crash. a freight train slammed into their float earlier this month and they are citing gross anything against on the float's
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driver. and they could close guantanamo bay as it currently holds 166 detainees and many are convicted of acts against the u.s. but those people could be moved to u.s. prisons. there are already 373 prisoners convicted of terrorism in the prison system. the recruit starts at 11:00 this morning and it runs until 3:00 this afternoon. recruiters for many employers, lowe's and amtrak will be looking for veterans. they and their families are all invited to attend. they are supposed to decide if a family oyster bay farm had to shut down. they are trying to operate and the farm is inside the point
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national sea shore. ken salazar to youred the farm last week. the business has no place inside a national preserve. there are new concerns about safety for san jose state university. they are worried about out of state campus emergency phones. coming up, how bad the problem is and how bad they are responding. it is a good time for how they will respond. the winning tickets was sold in arizona and missouri. this is video of the buying frenzy. tickets were selling at a rate of 130,000 a minute in the states that participate. california is not one of them but arizona is. people were crossing over to buy tickets in droves and don't worry, powerball could soon be headed here. the ink could be drying on the
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contract today. an agreement is expected to be finalized when the commission meets today and some dreamers are already thinking about how to spend their future winnings. >> i would help those less fortunate. >> she could certainly do that if she ever wins a $5.79 million and if lottery commissioners approve the deal to bring it to california you will be able to play by april of next year. we have commence from the winner. i will not be coming into work today. tara is in for sal up in the north bay already. we have a large tree limb in the roadway and that's just north of calistoga so be aware that will take crews some time to clear that. let's look at the east shore
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freeway and these are the headlights as you make your way towards the mcarthur maze, no problems. from the golden gate bridge, it is nice this time of the morning and we have a good amount of fog and we have a high wind advisory we want to warn you about. the taillights are moving well towards fremont, no traffic proble to report. we have 2. 5 more systems to go and today is the in between day and tonight in friday will be rain. we pick it up again sunday break starts sunday night, monday looks okay most of next week is quiet. now the front is up here and still has a way to go. we are starting to see some in
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advance of that and clear lake has really good rain totals and up in parts of the rushing river. still some light rain in the 101 corridor and again back over to lake county. also near novato, maybe we are sitting in the upper 50s right now. 55 in oakland, 55 for napa, 57 for santa rosa, light rain santa rosa north as the system works towards us which will not be later this afternoon until tonight. light rain, midst or drizzle further north and highs are mild. upper 50s and 60s to the north,
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but that strong southeast wind. towards the rushing river area, saturday morning we get a break. monday things calm down. >> well, lunch or a cup of coffee, that is what some coffee lovers are asking a spun important brew. it is $17 for 16 ounces. it is played a rare -- made from a rare variety and it is sold mostly in portland and seattle. >> the line will grow longer for learning how to say that coffee. and we have more on how the movie about oscar grant gained recognition. some people are still dealing with yesterday's rain,
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stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. they covered his final hours before he was shot and killed at the fruit station. the movie is starting academy award-winning actress who will be competing and it will be
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addressed in utah. the new starting quarterback, coach jim harbaugh announced he will have a quarterback starting who will take over for alex smith who suffered a concussion. the new starter said there is no bad blood between he and alex smith. >> he helped me a lot with progressions and he has been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> he has not been demoted and he insisted his choice for starting quarterback could change from week to week. barry bonds is on the baseball hall of fame ballot. he spoke with one of the baseball writers who will vote him in or out. you just can't vote for players who are tainted by performance enhancing drugs, even if it is
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barry bonds but barry bonds said if you believe i am a bad person, or a drug person, no worry, i am okay for it. if you want to put me in for what i did as a player, i want to be in there with everybody else who so serves it -- deserves it. -- deserves it. >> it is starting to get trafficky. >> that is a new adjective and it fits well. i was checking out the chp website and we have an accident on caster valley off of east 14th and 162nd avenue. we have a truck that slammed into three parked cars and it is leaking some fuel and diesel and the fire department is on the way so we will keep you posted about that.
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>> we have 101, traffic is flowing well in both directions and traffic on the far right- hand side as you make your way over to the bay bridge, there is a high win advisory. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions, here is steve. we do get a little bit of a break, our system has ways to go and some are up towards lake county. i know there is an inch towards clear lake and also stretching back, nothing too heavy but further north we go, we will wait until tonight. a few splash and dash showers, this is the in between day, 60s for some and especially on the peninsular, oakland is almost degrees and that's because
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of that south wind. light rain will folk can cuss itself and we will take it into the weekend as well but 60s and everywhere else you can find really warm readings further south you go and very burst are you south wind. it takes us into sunday and monday looks quiet. will rain -- well rain and wind caused many problems in the south bay. some 20 trees were either damaged or fell down around the city and despite the rain in the city, water levels did not see much change. >> the ground was dry, so we expect that the water just soaked in but now the ground is wet and we are hoping the next
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series lost pour yesterday. almost 80 customers are in the dark. they estimate service will be restored around 1:00 this afternoon. coming up next, we have breaking news from palo alto, a frantic serve is underway after a woman woke up with a strange man in her apartment. and we are looking at the next big system coming in, we have areas that are flooding and it could be a problem, stay with us.
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